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Phoenix Flying School offer flying training, flying lessons and introductory trial flying lessons in the Sheffield, Nottingham, Newark and Doncaster area.

We pride ourselves in operating in a friendly relaxed but professional atmosphere for anyone interested in learning to fly. 
We have an excellent team of instructors who have a wide range of experience in many aspects of aviation. 

Our students learn to fly, some for pleasure with many progressing to gain professional flying qualifications such as flying instructors or a career with an airline. Some of our students even complete their training and return as instructors.

Please give us a ring, e-mail, make an appointment or come along to the airfield for a ‘chat’ with one of our instructors, who will be more than pleased to see you and answer any questions you have. 
Whether you are just interested in an unusual birthday gift, trial lesson or full instruction to gain your PPL, Phoenix Flying School offer flying training at very competitive rates, so you can concentrate and enjoy your flying.

Phoenix Flying School can offer:  

Trial Flying Lessons

Training for:  
Private Pilots Licence - PPL(A) 
Light Aircraft Pilots Licence - LAPL(A) 
EASA licence issue. 
EASA Licence revalidations and renewals. 
Instrument Training 
Aerobatic Experience 
Upgrades from microlight & motorgliders. 
Differences training.

3 x Cessna 150 Aerobat (2-seater) 
1 x Cessna 172 Skyhawk (4-seater) 
1 x Cessna 150 Taildragger 
6 x Instructors 
7 day operation 
Very competitive rates. 
Licence revalidations and renewals. 

Full availability of aircraft due to in-house maintenance facility DUKERIES AVIATION Ltd.

Meet the instructors:
Mick Lee
Mick Lee
Chief Flying Instructor
Examiner (SEP/TMG/IMC/IRR(A))  
12000+ Hours 
Hobbies: Gliding (3500 hours FAI 3 Diamonds)
Neil Smith
Neil Smith
6000+ Hours 
IMC & Tail Wheel Instructor 

Glenn Moody
Glenn Moody
3000+ Hours
(Gained his PPL with Phoenix Flying School in 1999 then gained his Commercial Pilots Licence and is now one of our fantastic instructors)
Ali Anderson
Ali Anderson

Easa PPL Sep/IMC/Night 
Learnt to fly in 1985, became a flying Instructor in 1988  
Ex Skydiving Instructor 
Plays Guitar Classic Rock 
Likes Rugby 

Get to know our office staff:
Anne Chambers
Anne Chambers
Anne is not only the Company Secretary but a pilot as well with well over 350 hours. Anne is also one of our longest serving members of staff.
Walter Bonsall
Walter Bonsall
Starting flying over 17 years ago Walter is now one of our Office Operatives with an impressive 700+ Hours of PPL flying. 
Georgina Anderson
Georgina Anderson
Part-time office staff

Learning to fly at Phoenix 

Studying History at University 
Musical Theatre Performing 
What our customers say:
Mathew Fabricius
"Since starting flying with Phoenix Flying School in 2014, Ive gone on to gain my PPL, a Cessna 172 checkout, IR(R) and taildragger endorsement. Ive found the whole experience very professional and enjoyable, and look forward to many more years flying with the Phoenix bunch." Age: 33 Occupation: Buyer
Mathew Fabricius
Arash Arvaneh
"I just can't say enough good things about the Phoenix Flying School team. It's great to have the opportunity to acknowledge the skills, proficiency and teaching acumen of CFI Mick Lee who helped me through my flight training."
Arash Arvaneh
Eleanor Youle
"I came to Phoenix Flying School with an NPPL with a view to upgrade to an EASA PPL to follow my dream of becoming an Airline Pilot. The training has been fantastic and both Mick and Neil are great instructors. Every flight is briefed before hand with what we are going to do and any theory associated with the exercises planned. A full debrief is given after the flight and a plan for us discussed for next time. All the staff are very welcoming and friendly as soon as you walk through the door. I would highly recommend Phoenix Flying School!"
Eleanor Youle
Tristan Churcher
"Phoenix were perfect in kickstarting and completing my PPL. thank you!" Age: 35 Occupation: Contact Centre operations Manager
Tristan Churcher
Dr Denis Stewart
"Phoenix has a thoroughly professional approach to flying training."
Occupation: GP and MAF rep
Dr Denis Stewart
Richard Whittaker
"Holds a PPL licence, evidencing you’re never too old to learn to fly, thank you Phoenix."

Age: 57
Occupation: Construction Manager
Richard Whittaker
Liam Sandie
"Flying with Phoenix Flying School since 2010 and will continue to do so!"

Age: 34
Occupation: Airline Pilot
Liam Sandie
Walter Bonsall
"Started flying at Phoenix some 18 years ago and now with 700 plus hours under my belt I'm still living the dream. Thanks Phoenix for fulfilling my dream."
Walter bonsall
Lyndon Sandie
"Great flying school with great group fly-outs!"

Age: 31
Occupation: General Assistant
Lyndon Sandie
Andy Mason
"Friendly team with cost effective training tailored to you ☺"

Age: 56
Occupation: Retired Police Officer
Andy Mason
David Graham
"Phoenix truly let's you see the world from a new perspective!"

Age: 31
Occupation: Retail Manager
David Graham
Garry Lister
"Welcoming friendly set of instructors/students "

Age: 57
Occupation: Workshop Supervisor
Garry Lister
George Beck
"I received superb flying instruction with Phoenix, extremely professional."
Age: 56
Occupation: Company Director
George Beck



Cessna 150 Aerobat



Want to know more? You can contact us by this form.
Phoenix Flying School 
Netherthorpe Airfield, Nr Worksop, Nottinghamshire, S8O 3JQ 
Phone 01909 481802
Phone 07375 364116
CFI - Mick Lee

This weather information is for general guidance only it is not intended as a substitute for an official weather briefing
Comming Soon
Based on an original Reims Cessna F172N airframe our flight simulator has been custom built by the Special Projects team at computer hardware/software company SJ Business Microsystems Ltd. and specialist aviation engineers at Dukeries Aviation.
Fully functioning avionics suite allows instrument approaches in any weather you choose! Click on image above to see video.
"As an instrument traing tool alone, this simulator is a very realistic training platform for anybody wanting to learn serious instrument flying. Its amazing, amazing, amazing!"

- Adrian Daley (Bonanza PPL IR Pilot)

Converted using an original airframe, G-NIUS has 7 HD screens to create an immersive flight experience. Click on image above to see video.
"It’s excellent, the best I have ever been in. Better than the Tornado one the RAF use in my opinion. It’s a real cessna, all the controls work correctly, airvents, flaps, rudders and brakes electronics, the lot. Phoenix have delivered an excellent training tool."

- Dave Ridley (Pilot)

Using the cutting edge Instructor Operating Station software FS Flight Control every aspect of the flight can be tailored including failures at the touch of a button.
Flight Simulator
Our brand new Cessna F172N simulator experience utilises an original airframe and all the instruments and avionics are fully functional. Every stage of flying or training can be replicated due to the real cockpit used. Every switch, button, control or gauge in the simulator works (even cabin air!)

Using the latest 64 bit simulation software from Lockheed Martin, liquid cooled computers and 7 HD displays G-NIUS can be used for a wide range of learning scenarios including vehicle procedures training, cockpit familiarization, flight planning, emergency procedures, instrument training and just about anything else you can think of!

Practice a difficult route, land in bad weather, learn checklists and procedures, get to grips with avionics and flight planning software. CAA Certification is currenlty in progress. Please note the simulator is not yet located in its final position and may be shortly positioned away from the airfield to the nearby town of Rotherham, check back here for further news.

Existing Students Rates: 
£85 per hour with instructor 
£70 per hour solo 
PPL Hire Rates (including VPPL): 
£70 per hour 

Gift Experiences

Purchase a gift experience and anyone of any age are more than welcome to take the controls, even children. Our experienced instructors will be able to explain the controls and ensure you have a great experience, whatever your age!
We also offer combined trial lessons for the more adventurous, get familiar with the simulator on the ground then take to the air in a real aircraft.

Simulator Trial Flight: £45 (30 Minutes) / £84 (60 Minutes) 
1 hour Combo Experience: £115 (30 minutes sim / 30 minutes Cessna 150)
PVPP (Phoenix Virtual Private Pilot)

Our Virtual Private Pilot Course will get you to a point where you can "Go Solo" giving you a major advantage should you wish to transfer to a real world Pilots Licence, the ultimate gift for anyone wanting to see how far they can get and especially usefull for those not yet able to go solo in a real aircraft, great for budding child aviators!

Virtual Private Pilot: £350 (from zero to solo, obtain your Phoenix VPPL with up to 8 hours instructor training included to get you flying a full Airfield Circuit in the Cessna 172 on your own from start up to shut down) 

VPPL Course 
Trial flights and pricing
Purchase your Trial Flight gift voucher below, you will receive your selected voucher by post.
Remember to select how long and in which type of aircraft you wish to have the trial flight in.

When you are ready to use the GIft Voucher just call us to book your flight!

Phoenix Flying School reserves the right to cancel any flight without notice if the prevailing weather is deemed unsuitable for flying.

Price List
Trial Lessons 
2 Seat Aircraft for 20 Minutes £50.00 
2 Seat Aircraft for 30 Minutes £75.00 
2 Seat Aircraft for 60 Minutes £144.00 
4 Seat Aircraft for 20 Minutes £62.00 
4 Seat Aircraft for 30 Minutes £90.00 
4 Seat Aircraft for 60 Minutes £178.00 
PPL Aircraft Hire 
FRA-150 Aerobat per hour £105.00 
Cessna 150 Tail Dragger Per Hour £89.00 
Cessna F172 Per Hour £134.00 
Instruction Rates 
FRA-150 Aerobat per hour £142.00 
Cessna 150 Tail Dragger Per Hour £124 
Cessna F172 Per Hour £157.00 
IMC(IR Restricted) 
FRA150 Per Hour £150.00 
C172 Instruction Rate plus £15 approach fee at Doncaster 
Test and Exam Rates 
EASA Skill Test £160.00 
NPPL Skill Test £70.00 (NAV) £70.00(GFT) 
IMC £100.00 (Initial) £80.00 (Renewal) 
Ground Exams £45.00 per subject

G-NIUS Flight Simulator

Existing Students Rates: 
£84 per hour with instructor 
£70 per hour solo 
PPL Hire Rates (including VPPL): 
Check Ride £45 (30 minutes familiarisation with a sim Instructor if not used before) 
£70 per hour 

Book Your Trail Flight here!
Gift Voucher photo
Simulator Trial Flight: £45 (30 Minutes) / £84 (60 Minutes) 
1 hour Combo Experience: £115 (30 minutes sim / 30 minutes real Cessna 150)
VPPL Course £350
Your real world trial flight can be whatever you want it to be, a flight over your home or familiar landmark, a trip to see something from the air that you've always wanted to or your first logged flight as a pilot (in training!). 

If your stuck and dont know what you want to do we have some suggestions..

Flight Experience
In this 1 hour flight you will retrace the  typical Dambuster training routes as flown by the famous Lancaster Bombers of 617 Squadron. 
You will fly taking in some of the fantastic scenery of the Peak District then overfly Ladybower Dam, Howden Dam and the twin towers of Derwent Dam.

Flight Experience
Take a trip to see the famous Humber Bridge from the air and see the longest single span bridge in the country! 
This flight would be the perfect treat for anyone and makes for some fantastic photos of your journey!

Humber Bridge
Flight Experience
See the stunning house and its grounds from the unique vantage point from the air. 

Standing on the east bank of the River Derwent, Chatsworth looks across to the low hills that divide the Derwent and Wye valleys and is a fantastic site from above.
Chatsworth House

Flight Experience
Thorseby Hall is the picture of a traditional country Estate, its parkland exhibits all the grandeur of days long gone surrounded by several thousand acres of farmland and forestry.

See the splendour of this estate from above during your 30 minute flight.

Thorseby Winter
Flight Experience
Clumber, mentioned in Domesday Book was monastic property in the Middle Ages, now the Park is over 3,800 acres and the seprentine lake is a great visable landmark from the air.
A short distance from the airfield this makes for a great option for your 30 minute flight.

Clumber Bridge
Flight Experience
Welbeck is one of the great traditional landed estates, nestled within Sherwood Forest in Nottinghamshire. In 2016 it was used as the location for the BBC's baking series Bake Off: Crème de la Crème.

See the inspiring environment during your 30 minute flight.
Welbeck Hall
Football Grounds Flypast
With many local Football teams located close to the airfield why not take a trip to see your teams hallowed ground from above? A birthday treat for any football fan!
Phoenix Flying School 
Netherthorpe Airfield, Nr Worksop, Nottinghamshire, S8O 3JQ 
Phone 01909 481802 / 07375 364116
Fax 01909 481802 
CFI - Mick Lee

Company No. 07645055

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